What Is A VPN And Why Shoud I Use One?

A Privacy VPN protects you from hackers, spying and identity theft.

Taking Back Your Privacy

Every day big tech companies do their very best to pry into our private lives in order to build profiles about us. They do this in order to influence what we buy, track where we go, influence our politics, and basically program our behaviors. They can do this because existing Internet features allow them to track almost every thing we do online. As a result, we have no privacy.

However, the most powerful tool we have to help us regain that privacy is a well-designed VPN. A well-built VPN like Privt.io emphasizes privacy by not only hiding and encrypting your activities, but by also not logging your activities. This means that Privt.io can't sell any information about your activities because we don't have any.

What is a VPN?

A VPN protects you by allowing you to browse privately and securely. VPNs do two very important things: they encrypt your data and hide your location. Together, these two steps prevent others from tracking your activities and seeing what you do.

Not all VPNs provide the same level of protection, however. One key privacy feature that affects the level of protection a VPN provides you is whether that VPN keeps logs of your activities while using it. For example, some so-called 'free' VPNs actually log your data and then sell it to others for advertising purposes. Remember, if you're not the customer, you're the product.

Faced with increasing internet surveillance, data breaches, insecure public Wi-Fi and increased remote work, VPNs are now an essential tool. Let's take a look at some important things to keep in mind when choosing a VPN and see how Privt.io - The Privacy VPN measures up.

Remote Work & Public Wi-Fi

As more of us work remotely, either by choice or out of necessity, it becomes impossible to guarantee that we're on a secure connection. Whether in an airport, outdoors or anywhere else, the risk of hackers intercepting our information continues to increase. Anyone with access to the Wi-Fi network we're connected to can snoop on our information as we log into work accounts, client databases, online bank accounts and any other service we access.

Privt.io VPN protects you while using public Wi-Fi by making it impossible for anyone on that shared Wi-Fi network to eavesdrop and intercept sensitive information like credit card data, social security numbers and other personal information that you wouldn't want to fall into the wrong hands.

Cable Provider/ISP Tracking From Home

Many of us are working from home using our cable provider's internet service. We'd ike to think that we're secure while working from home, but, sadly, that is not always true. Cable internet providers don't do anything to isolate our data from other users on their network and they often track our data in order to target advertising to us and sell our data to other companies.

Privt.io VPN protects you from this kind of ISP/cable provider snooping by completely encrypting all the information sent to and from your computer so your cable provider/ISP can't decipher it. Our VPN even prevents your ISP from knowing what websites you visit so they can't engage in surveillance, sell information about your behavior or monitor your activities.

Mobile Phones & Tablets

We use our phones and tablets for everything from banking to social media and tele-medicine. The last thing we'd want is for someone to eavesdrop on our conversations with our doctor, our credit card transactions, or our private emails. Unfortunately, it's all too easy for this to happen. All it takes is for a website operator to make a single mistake with their security measures and our credit card number or password, for example, could get intercepted and stolen.

A VPN ensures that even if the website you're communicating with fails to enforce secure communication with your device no one will be able to intercept that communication and get your data. With a solid VPN like Privt.io, even your voice communications are encrypted as well.

Bypass Restrictions

Quite often services restrict access based on your location. But if you're traveling this means that you may not be able to access services you're entitled to.

VPNs like Privt.io enable you to make use of services you're entitled to no matter where you are. By using a Privt.io server from an area where access to the services is permitted you can still use the services you're entitled to.

When Should I Use a VPN?

You should use a VPN at all times. It's impossible to know when someone has hacked into a public network that you use while on the go or even when using your home network from your cable provider. By consistently using a VPN you can reduce the amount of information that big tech companies and governments have about you.

How Do I Choose a VPN?

Here are some points to keep in mind as you evaluate VPN options.

  • Privacy: Do they log traffic?
  • Performance: Is their network fast?
  • Security: Does the VPN use the top security protocols?
  • Software: Do they provide easy-to-use software?
  • Device Protection: Can you protect multiple devices with one account?
  • Price: Is the pricing clear and does it fit my budget?
  • Trial Period: Can you try out the VPN before committing?

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