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Anonymous & Encrypted

We mask your IP address and we don't log your traffic so there's nothing to compromise your privacy.


Works On All Devices

With Privt.io you get complete privacy when using your laptop, desktop or any mobile device. Privt.io even works with your Smart TV, baby monitors and security cameras to keep your family totally secure from spying eyes.


Fastest VPN Speed

Privt.io servers located in select countries provide high speed downloads and web surfing along with total privacy.


100% Encrypted VPN Tunnel

All your traffic is encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.


Easy to Install & Use

Easy-install software makes setup a breeze and Privt.io Privacy Consultants are ready to help you get the best from Privt.io.


Unlimited Usage

Privt.io does not limit bandwidth use. Plus, you can protect up to 5 devices or your whole network using one account.


Fanatical Customer Service

Our knowledgeable tech support team is here to help you via our Trouble Ticket system, online chat and via screen-share too!


Global Network

Our servers are located all around the world and we're adding new servers every month.


Free Setup Guides

In our Help Center we provide you with setup guides and instructions for using our VPN with Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.


Travellers and Mobile Workers

Whether your'e on your laptop, tablet or cellphone, you can use your Privt.io VPN account to protect yourself in airports, coffee shops, client locations and everywhere you go.


Low-latency, High Performance

Our VPN network uses high-performance servers and network infrastructure to minimize delays and keep your internet access fast and responsive.


Works with All VPN Software

Whether you use our software or your own, our VPN services work flawlessly with VPN software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.


Privt.io Monthly Plan


  • Billed Monthly
  • 7 Day FREE Trial Period
  • Use coupon code COVID19 and get 3 months free.


Privt.io Yearly Plan


  • $68.99 Billed Annually - 35% Discount
  • 7 Day FREE Trial Period



First, you'll need to signup for an account with us. The signup is very quick and there's a free trial period so there's no risk to you at all. Try our service for free at no risk!

Next, you'll need to configure your devices to connect to the Internet through the Privt.io worldwide network. You can do this manually but using our software makes it easier. Setup guides and access to our software are available in your Account Dashboard once you've signed up for an account.

If you are an existing Privt.io customer, you may log in to your Account Dashboard to download our software and setup guides.

Sure! While our software is pretty easy to setup, we're always happy to help you with this. If you're having any trouble at all, please create a trouble ticket and we'll help you out right away.
We support Openvpn UDP/TCP, IKEv2, L2TP/I7Psec, PPTP.
For mobile devices, on average, our customers are up and running within 5 minutes of downloading our software. For desktops, our customers are usually all set within about 10 minutes.
Have you ever clicked on a link only to discover that it led to a website that you would NEVER knowingly visit? Maybe you've been hearing about how your cable provider monitors your activities and sells that data to other companies. This information is then used, without your permission, to create a permanent profile of you that may not be accurate. These profiles may even be used against you in the future. We believe that no one has the right to spy on you and sell that information to make a profit.
Yes! It's especially important for businesses to handle customer information securely and to protect the safety of their financial information. By adopting a VPN to protect your business's communication, you help protect your business from potential legal exposure due to someone stealing oyur customers' private information. It's expecially important to add this layer of protection if you have remote workers. Privt.io's engineers will help you figure out how to use our secure, encrypted VPN to protect your business. Go here to contact us for help with setting up your busines.
The only information Privt.io collects about you is what you provide during the signup process. This is limited to your email address and the credit card details that are necessary for accepting payment. Privt.io does not collect or store any information about your browsing habits or any of your traffic. There is absolutely no logging of traffic so we cannot reveal anything about how you use our service.


Dave W.

Law Office

I was concerned about my the security of my client communications. I chose Privt.io to help me protect client documents and transactions.

David R.

Marketing Agency

At first I figured your VPN would be really slow but so far I'm not noticing much of a loss in speed. There's a small drop, but it's worth it to have my privacy back.

Terry E.

Software Developer

Thanks for helping me get setup. Your tech support really saved the day when I connected while I was traveling for business. Top notch!



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